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17 Live

17 Live CM Credit: V.O.

Baila Baila 28

Baila Baila 28 Dance DVD - Play the Game Credit: Lyricist for track 8 'Believe in your Power'

poster 1

"HarmoniCantopop" 18dART - Community Arts Scheme Credit: Background Music Producer

溫暖人間 GMO concert

Gustav Mahler Orchestra Concert "Love and Peace" Credit: Orchestrator

SoFi HongKong

SoFi Hong Kong Credit: V.O.

"Dream Garden @ Farm Road" (Musical of Heep Yunn Primary School) Credit: Composer/ Arranger


Hong Kong Museum of Art Credit: VO of Audio Guides

Standard Chartered Bank 160th Anniversary Cocktail - Pop Songs Performed by Gustav Mahler Orchestra Credit: Arranger

2019-08-20 11.58.37 pm

AlipayHK Commercial 【一點,就可以幫人多一點】 Credit: Composer, Sound Designer

Little Q

"Little Q" 《小Q》 Credit: Orchestrator

"Happy Seeds" 《快樂種子》 (Youth Musical) Credit: Composer/ Lyricist/ Arranger

Buddhist Concert 2019 Jan

Traditional Buddhist Song 《五會新聲念佛》 Credit: Orchestrator


Legend Age 傳奇今生Lipstick Brand Awards Ceremony & Concert Theme Music Credit: Composer/ Arranger


HK Breast Cancer Foundation - Campaign Theme Song 《檢查為乳健》 Credit: Arranger

China Tourism Promotional Video

China Tourism Promotional Video Credit: Composer, Sound Designer

2018-11-07 01.14.42 pm_edited

HK Space Museum Sky Show 2018 "Chinese Sky" Credit: Composer

My Little Sister

"My Little Sister" Credit: Composer

A Woman is a Woman_poster

"A Woman is a Woman" 《女人就是女人》 Credit: Composer


"The Bear and the Piano" 《森林裡的鋼琴師》 (Theme song of a children musical) Credit: Composer/ Lyricist/ Arranger

Sky Show "In Search of Cosmic Life"

Hong Kong Space Museum Sky Show 'In Search of Cosmic Life' Credit: Composer, Sound Designer

Hidden Track

"Hidden Track"《宇宙鐵路》 Credit: Composer/ Sound Designer

UJ film

Universal Jewellery short film Credit: Composer

shining moment

"Shining Moment" 《燦爛這一刻》 Credit: Orchestrator

mobile castle1

"Mobile Castle" 《機動城堡》 Credit: Composer/ Sound Designer

sky show 2017

HK Space Museum Sky Show 2017 "Dark Universe" Credit: Composer/ Music Editor

a chinese odyssey

"A Chinese Odyssey III" 《大話西遊3》 Credit: Orchestrator

cartoon network

Cartoon Network Channel 443 promotional video Credit: V.O.

Passing Rain

"Passing Rain"《過雲雨》 Credit: Composer/ Sound Designer

Pharoah Hunt

HK Heritage Museum Exhibition "Pharaoh Hunt" Credit: Composer


SPCA boycott bad breeder promotional video Credit: V.O.


Nutrilite (Amway) TV commercial Credit: V.O.

Ultima II

ULTIMA II TV commercial Credit: V.O.


Kay Tse 謝安琪《載我走》 Credit: Composer

Michael Norman

Michael Norman, anxiety specialist, "Instant Calm" 3D audio series Credit: Composer

HK Wetland Park

HK Wetland Park audio guide background music Credit: Composer


Duracell TV commercial Credit: V.O.

lam fung

Raymond Lam 林峯《暗中作樂》 Credit: Composer


Soyafood short film 壹品豆漿微電影《豆漿的秘密》 Credit: Composer

gigi leung

Gigi Leung 梁詠琪《一個地方》 Credit: Composer/ Lyricist


BNI Hong Kong short film 《一個好心人》 Credit: Composer

candle song

"Candle Song" 《蠟燭歌》 (Theme song of a children musical) Credit: Composer/ Lyricist/ Arranger


"Lilymoon" 《泡沫時光》 Credit: Composer

cow & gate

Cow & Gate Milk Formula TV commercial Credit: V.O.

horse racing club 1_edited

"Horse Racing Club" 《馬場之王》 Credit: Composer

after death

"Until We Meet Again" 《訣別之後》 Credit: Composer

miracle kingdom

"Miracle Kingdom"《奇妙王國》 (Children Musical) Credit: Arranger

Herbal Art

TV Commercial "Herbal Art" 《植萃集》 Credit: Composer


Nami, nano technology corporate video Credit: Sound Designer

club caca

"Club CaCa" 《卡卡俱樂部》 Credit: Composer

kary ng

Kary Ng 吳雨霏《未晚》 Credit: Composer


Kay Tse 謝安琪《浮雲》 Credit: Composer

DG House

"Dream Gladiator 2"《離留物語》 Credit: Music Director/ Composer


nimm2 TV commercial Credit: V.O.

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