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'In Search of Cosmic Life' Selected & Screened @ Fulldome Festival at Brno, Czech Republ

Music written and scored by Carmen Ng, 'In Search of Cosmic Life' a 30-min sky show produced by Hong Kong Space Museum, has been selected to be screened at Fulldome Festival Brno 2018 @ Czech Republic in June!

Brno is one of the most reputable venues to host fulldome films in the world. Out of hundreds of submissions, we are proud to be selected to enter the Festival. In fact, there are only two participants being chosen from Asia, we from Hong Kong, as well as Japan.

'In Search of Cosmic Life' is showing at HK Space Museum from TODAY till 31st October, 2018~


Following Brno, 'In Search of Cosmic Life' was also proudly chosen and screened in Minsk International Fulldome Festival in Belarus.

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