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Can't Sleep?

This album 'Sleep Deep 432hz' can surely help!

Presenting to you by Carmen Ng, with 6 tracks so filled with love in every note, each song is guaranteed 'very relaxing, soothing, healing and sleepy!' to bring you sweet dreams every night!

Below are some feedback by repeating listeners (taken from Meditation app 'Insight Timer') :

'This helped me drift into sleep from a state of insomnia. So helpful! Thank you!'

'So soothing. It’s my go to for sleeping'

'I’ve bookmarked a lot of deep sleep music but this is the one I come back to, puts me to sleep every-time. Thank you 🙏'

'Very soothing and repetitive - no surprises. In a good way.'

'Relaxing & restful.'

'Lulls me to sleep'

'So relaxing, I fell asleep before it was over. Will have to listen again!'

'Pretty and restful!!Very very lovely. I will listen to it again.'

All instruments are tuned to 432hz, the frequency known to align with the beautiful sounds of nature.

And a big thank you!! to artist Carmen Tsui for creating this beautiful album cover :)

Now available in Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, KK Box, Deezer ... and major online music stores and apps.

Enjoy Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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