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Healing Music

Latest album 'Healing Music' by Carmen Ng is a collection of 7 soothing tracks all backed by nature sounds, with each track depicting a different atmosphere, such as rain, ocean waves, tropical forests, etc. Relax, enjoy and immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of Mother Gaia!

No matter where you are in the world, what time of the day, what season it is when you are listening to this, I sincerely hope that you enjoy serenity and blissfulness with Mother Gaia.

A small tip: The melodies are easy listening. Each piece is a perfect match to your yoga sessions, afternoon breaks, or your favourite bath time!

Some notes on a few tracks:

track 1

'Rainy Days Best to Sleep'

After finishing this song 'Rainy Days Best to Sleep', I was amazed by myself of the melodies, the ambience that I had created. They sound surreal, and it feels like I'm being brought to a different dimension every time I listen to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I made it!

track 3

'Afternoon Bliss'

In this song 'Afternoon Bliss', I was trying to combine the style of J-pop melodies with relaxation music. I personally like J-pop music as they are easy listening. So I was thinking that maybe I could try putting this nice element to my healing music, and make it soothing in a new way :)

track 4

'Inner Space Inner Peace'

'Inner Space' is a term that recently came to my life. I quite like this idea of having this special 'space' within each of us. For the term 'Inner Peace', it came to my life a few years back, when somehow I felt that I just wanted that ... "inner peace'. May Inner Space and Inner Peace be with you always, dear ones!

track 5

'Life is Good'

I first published this piece 'Life is Good' on a meditation app 'Insight Timer'. This version is a new remix of it. Up until now I have been receiving an immense amount of beautiful positive comments about this song, which I really appreciate very much for my listeners' kind words. I find some of the feedback very interesting, especially when a few of them told me how their little dogs and cats at home stayed calm while listening to it! Please let me know if you also had such a sweet listening experience!

track 7

'Eternal Truth'

Some listeners' feedback from meditation app Insight Timer on this song 'Eternal Truth': 'Great composition, I love the guitar you added, it makes it a bit less traditional. Nice to meditate with. Thank you!' (Valerie) 'Light and uplifting. Thank you for your gift.' (Gywnneth) 'Captivating. I found this very uplifting. A lovely composition. Thank you!' (Esther) 'It reminds me of the southwestern America.' (Jan) 'This was so refreshing and relaxing too! Wonderful interplay among the instruments. Great morning music. Thank you Carmen!!' (Jana)

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