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"HarmoniCantopop" 18dART - Community Arts Scheme Credit: Background Music Producer

溫暖人間 GMO concert

Gustav Mahler Orchestra Concert "Love and Peace" Credit: Orchestrator

Brochure Cover

"Dream Garden @ Farm Road" (Musical of Heep Yunn Primary School) Credit: Composer/ Arranger

Standard Chartered Bank 160th Anniversary Cocktail - Performed by Gustav Mahler Orchestra Credit: Arranger

Buddhist Concert 2019 Jan

Traditional Buddhist Song 《五會新聲念佛》 Credit: Orchestrator

"Happy Seeds"《快樂種子》 (Youth Musical) Credit: Composer/ Lyricist/ Arranger

Legend Age Awards Ceremony & Concert

Legend Age 傳奇今生Lipstick Brand Awards Ceremony & Concert Theme Music Credit: Composer/ Arranger

HKBCF - Campaign theme song

HK Breast Cancer Foundation - Campaign Theme Song 《檢查為乳健》 Credit: Arranger


"The Bear and the Piano" 《森林裡的鋼琴師》 (Theme song of a children musical) Credit: Composer/ Lyricist/ Arranger


RTHK Community Involvement Broadcasting Service Radio Drama "World Peace" 世界和平 Theme Song Credit: Composer

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Aquarium opening events theme song Credit: Composer

candle song_edited

"Candle Song" 《蠟燭歌》 (Theme song of a children musical) Credit: Composer/ Lyricist/ Arranger

miracle kingdom

"Miracle Kingdom"《奇妙王國》 (Children Musical) Credit: Arranger

DG House

"Dream Gladiator 2"《離留物語》 Credit: Music Director/ Composer

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