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Little Q

"Little Q" 《小Q》 Credit: Orchestrator

HK Space Museum Sky Show 2018

HK Space Museum Sky Show 2018 "Chinese Sky" Credit: Composer

A Woman is a Woman_poster

"A Woman is a Woman" 《女人就是女人》 Credit: Composer

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 4.58.06 PM

HK Space Museum Sky Show 2017 "In Search of Cosmic Life" Credit: Composer

HK Wetland Park

HK Wetland Park audio guide background music Credit: Composer

the shining moment

"Shining Moment" 《燦爛這一刻》 Credit: Orchestrator


BNI Hong Kong short film 《一個好心人》 Credit: Composer

sky show 2017

HK Space Museum Sky Show 2016 Classical Music Show as a top-up show to "Dark Universe" Credit: Composer

a chinese odyssey

"A Chinese Odyssey III" 《大話西遊3》 Credit: Orchestrator


"Lilymoon" 《泡沫時光》 Credit: Composer

after death

"Until We Meet Again" 《訣別之後》 Credit: Composer

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